10 cool mobile app ideas to make your first $1 million (2023)

Building a gainful business via the creation of a mobile application in collaboration with professional mobile developers is a proven model for becoming rich.

However, trying to create a second Instagram or Uber isn’t going to work. A better way is to take one rough diamond and transform it into a sparkling masterpiece.

Best innovative app ideas to become a millionaire

1. AR/VR for car, hotel and flat booking

Have you ever tested virtual or augmented reality glasses? Was it catchy? Fun? Do you think other people love it as well?
Create 3D visualisation software which can be easily integrated into existing platforms and sell it to the market leaders in car rental, hotel or room booking services. Massive competition exists on these markets, and the key players – and especially their pursuers – are ready to pay good money if your solution can help them stand out.

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2. AR for design and fashion

Do you know about the millions of dollars that global clothing retail companies could save using virtual try-ons with AR technology instead of fitting rooms? No need to rent a showroom or pay salaries to salespeople. Customers could save a significant amount of time just by trying on and ordering clothes from home. Of course, this technology is far from perfect for the time being.

  • However, some shops are already using it. And there’s still space for technical improvements and creative innovations. Maybe you’ll be the next to invent a way for buyers to sample the material with the help of AR!
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3. Artificial intelligence for dating

Artificial Intelligence already yields impressive results in finding hidden patterns for medical diagnosis. What about love?

People will always be looking for romance. Why not deliver a revolutionary service where matches are made by an algorithm? The AI can analyse the users’ social network profiles, search history and Spotify accounts. You can be an inventor of how AI technology can be utilised to provide more accurate data for matching partners. Any major dating agency would be the first to buy your digital invention.

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4. Small jobs app

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Remember posting that you need your dog to be walked and 15 minutes later a stranger knocking on your door ready to perform the task for 10 pounds? This is how small jobs applications work. In the UK, similar mobile apps already exist and help people earn pocket money the easy way.

  • By the way, in the majority of countries, this sort of thing is yet to be implemented. Sometimes it’s enough to adapt an already working idea for a new market. You can check if the top 10 most popular apps in the world have been implemented in your country. If not, it’s a great bargain with minimal risks.

5. Event planner

Wedding party organisation is anything but exciting for the people getting married. Of course, there are agencies that can take care of everything. But when you trust your event to such a company it can be scant of soulfulness and singularity.

Freelance caterers, designers, makeup artists and florists are usually something heartful, original and a much cheaper option. A marketplace where users could choose professionals that best suit their tastes and budget would provide a much more personalised approach to a wedding or birthday party.

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  • Build a system where individual professionals can promote their services and the clients rate them. Depending on the type of the event, the program will point out what you need to do - buy flowers, order a cake, etc. and filter the DB based on the chosen criteria.

Freelance professionals will be happy to pay a small commission for a constant presence on the properly targeted marketplace. Similar platforms are very popular for B2B segment. It’s high time to put this business model into practice for a premium B2C market.

6. Charity project: Barter marketplaces

A service where people can help each other in exchange for certain services is the most likely thing to revolutionise the market. Learn to speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument in exchange for a jar of home-made jam, cleaning or babysitting – why not?

True, you won’t earn your first million with such free app and it will be very difficult to monetise at the beginning. But, luckily, not everything we do is for money. Sometimes, it can be just a new charity project, and by gaining popularity you can earn your investment back by displaying adverts and help make our world a better place.

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7. Tourism app with danger zone tracker

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In every city in the world, you can run into danger. In London, Paris, Milan, NY, there are some spots where locals tell you not to go at night and, for sure, to avoid booking your room. Since we generally lack information on the political situation, seismic activity or other perils in any given area, it’s high time to invest in creating an app that provides unique information to help travellers.

This new tourism app can cover:

  • warnings regarding high-crime areas on a city map;
  • sightseeing tours or social network integration;
  • real-time satellite photos showing seismological active areas;
  • a chatbot that answers the most frequently asked questions;
  • push notifications about urgent situations, hotkeys to contact insurance companies or car repair services, etc.

An advanced app for tourism is always in demand on the market and there will always be some new top tourist spots with no advanced application – just check the competition and add several unique features from the list above to create your game-winning app.

8. Telehealth check-ups

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Health trackers have already proved their efficiency when it comes to healthcare. The niche that yet remains uncovered is remote medical check-ups.

Usually, they don’t require the physical presence of a medical expert once the patient has access to medical controllers at home. Develop a unified open-source platform, which companies can use to add their professionals and cover more regions. This will increase the visibility of your app and eliminate the necessity for every clinic in developing their own solution.

The doctors connected to their patients could not only save many human lives but add some value to your financial prosperity as a profitable business model.

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9. City restaurant reservation app

In the 21st century, there is still no unified system for table reservation for big cities. Almost every chain restaurant now has its own app but users usually avoid downloading them onto their phones so as not to waste smartphone memory. Also, small eateries are sidelined as they cannot afford such a massive investment.

  • Create an open app with convenient API for HoReCa, integrated messengers and on-line chat, where restaurants and potential clients can easily meet each other's needs. Make the app available by subscription for restaurant owners and free for customers.

10. Car parking app

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Looking for a free parking space when you’re late for work or important date is a true nightmare for lots of people in any big city around the globe. Create an app where people can look for free parking slots in the local area or book them in advance. Digitising parking services via the creation of an advanced smartphone app also allows the owners of parking spaces to make extra money the same way.

  • For example, spots near a business centre are occupied only from nine to five. A restaurant that opens at 11 can let people use their parking when the place is closed. By the way, once created, such an app development case can be easily sold to businesses in different regions.


Great ideas are not always about money. If you want to create something to be remembered for, we have an idea for you. It’s unlikely to make you much money, though.

11. Bookcrossing app

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It’s a myth that in our digital world books don’t matter anymore. As a matter of fact, people continue to buy hard copies even if they aren’t cheap. And they would love to exchange some of their books for other favourites. If your goal is to unify humanity, take this innovative application idea – it will work.

How to turn your idea into an app

Some people are trying to sell their ideas to us, but we don’t buy ideas. Being involved in market analysis and software development for years, we estimate the reasons for a particular app project to be implemented, evaluating the profitability, cross-checking the real customer needs and the substitutes available on the market in order to ensure the success of your app idea.

Contact us whenever you’re ready to talk about how we can bring your cool idea into life or just to get one more head to think about the possible advantages and pitfalls. To be the winner, you just need to predict all the possible failures in advance.

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