Apple Watch Series 5 is here - fancy a titanium smart timepiece anyone? (2022)

  • Apple Watch Series 5 release date: 20 September, 2019
  • Prices start at £399/$399
  • International emergency calling (cellular model only)
  • Additionalaluminium and stainless steel finishes
  • Ceramic and titaniumcaseoptions
  • watchOS 6 comes pre-installed
  • Integrated compass
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Always-on display

The Apple Watch Series 4 was a major step forward for the industry-dominating wearable. Faster, slimmer and larger-screened than its predecessors, it also added new health features such as fall detection and improved heart sensors and an ECG.

With Apple’s September 10th Special Event now out of the way, however, webid farewell to the Series 4’s presence on the company’s store shelves as it’s replaced by the new Apple Watch Series 5. We have the launch date, the pricing, all the new hardware features and watchOS 6 built-in, with the details down below.

There was still no mention ofover-the-air watchOS updatesoraswitch tomicro-LED, rather than OLEDdisplays– but such an omission isn’t all that surprising, considering such a change is, in truth,not expected to arrive until 2020.

More details and our verdict can be found in our Apple Watch Series 5 review. If you’re interested in general advice, read our Apple Watch buying guide, as well as our guide to the best Apple Watch deals– especially as the Apple Watch Series 3 has been given an official price cut to just £199/$199.

Apple Watch 5: Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available to pre-order at 1pm (UK time) on 13 September and is then released a week later on 20 September.

It’s available “in the US, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and 38 other countries and regions.”

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Apple Watch 5: Price

Apple went a bit wild for the launch of its 2019 wearable, producing a cornucopia of new finishes that the Series 5can be had in – more than any previous generation of Apple Watch.

As such, each material choice comes with its own price tag,with the (now 100%-recycled) aluminium casing models starting things off at £399/$399.

Apple Watch Series 5 is here - fancy a titanium smart timepiece anyone? (1)

If you want a stainless steel body (which includes new gold and space black finishes), prices start at £699/$699,while some of the fancier straps can take the price as high as £1,499/$1,499.

Series 5 also sees the reintroduction of a white ceramic-bodied Apple Watch, which will set you back at least £1,299/$1,299, alongside a new titanium-bodied model, which appears in both a brushed silver guise and a brushed space black variant, complete with a “diamond-like coating.” Prices for these new SKUs start at £799/$799.

Apple Watch 5: Design

Most people outside the Apple journalism bubble would say that the Series 4 looked exactly like the previous three Apple Watches, and it’s hard to argue – the overall design language, the curves and edges, the proportions, arewere close to or the same as before.

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However, in a world of barely noticeable iterative updates (and following three models that really did look exactly the same), we can recognise that the Series 4’s design changes were comparatively radical – design changes that are echoed in Series 5,albeit withthe aforementioned new finishes, too.

Apple Watch Series 5 is here - fancy a titanium smart timepiece anyone? (2)

Essentially the screen is bigger but flatter (compared to Series 3 and earlier) and you get significantly more screen real estate without having to carry any extra bulk on your wrist. Okay, it’s not quite up there with switching to a round display but we take what we can get.

Apple Watch 5: New Specs & Features

So much for the looks of the new Series 5, what’s changed under the surface?


At launch, Apple made no mention of theanticipatedS5 processorthat’s potentially powering its latest smartwatch. Instead, the companydrew the audience’s attention to a newdisplay driver, ambient light sensor and integrated power management circuit, all of which work in concert to helpsupport the Series 5’s next new headline feature…


…an always-on display, that now fronts the latest Apple Watch experience proudly. Dubbed the ‘Always-On Retina Display’, the Apple Watch’s fancy new LTPO screen means your watch faces and their various complications are now perpetually visible.

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When previously the Apple Watch’s display would simply switch offwhenit was by your side, or you had your hand in your pocket, for example, the Series 5’s display setup means you can now glance at your chosen face without having to initiate the raise-to-wake gesture.

The company’suse-cases for the new feature included working out – with useful metrics available instantly, even if you’re not in a position to pull off the raise-to-wake motion. Apple’s also ensured that most, if not all of its current watch face lineup support this new always-on panel.

We know that Apple is pondering a long-term switch from the current OLED technology to micro-LED, which is thin and reliable, and consumes less power than OLED (and would help with battery life, which we discuss next). Sources in the supply chain indicate that it was still too early to expect this switch in time for Series 5 but the idea still has legs for next year’s Apple Watch.

The Chinese-language websiteEconomic Daily Newsclaims Apple is close to signing a deal with two suppliers that will enable the 2020 Apple Watches to come with micro-LED displays. One of these companies, Sui Bao, told the site that its micro-LED module production line is ready and that it is “indeed in contact with the US smartwatch industry”. The company indicates that it could enter mass production in Q4 of this year, with the products appearing in 2020.


Onboard storage was upgraded relatively recently (16GB was introduced on the Series 3 for cellular models only, and included across all Series 4 models; all previous editions came with 8GB) and tends to be a low priority for wearables. For these reasons, while Apple hasn’t explicitly said, wesuspect the Series 5 again comes with 16GB.


We’ve noticed a gradual falling-off in battery performance since the Series 2. Each generation since then has, in our subjective tests, lasted a little less time between charges than the model before – the result of more powerful chips, bigger screens and a lack of extra space for larger battery cells.

(Video) Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Ceramic & Titanium Unboxing and First Look

Apple quotes 18-hours of use from the Series 5, which itconsiders“all-day battery life” – just as it did with the Series 4, we’ll be able to gauge whetherthat newintegrated power management circuit brings any noticeable benefits to longevity.

Health features

In terms of new health features, atop the various inclusions that we’ve already seen watchOS 6 is bringing to the table, such as cycle tracking and hearing health, Apple only really touched onthe subject in the context of studies it’s conducting in partnership with various academic and medical bodies.

Apple Watch users, not just those sporting a new Series 5, will be able to contribute data towards studies aimed athearing health, women’s mobility and heart health, respectively by way of the new Apple Research app.


Orienteerers will appreciate the addition of a new compass as part of the Series 5’s makeup, which can be accessed by way of a watch face complication, as well as a dedicated app. The experience also provides the user with additional location data, such as heading, incline, latitude, longitude and current elevation.

Third-parties will also be able to use the new hardware within their watchOS experiences.


While the cellular Apple Watch models have been able to contact the emergency services phone-free for some time, Series 5 affords users international emergency calling, meaning their watches can connect to the respective emergency services, no matter where they are in the world. The feature also works with fall detection, which was introduced on the Series 4.

(Video) Apple Watch Series 5 In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)


The Apple Watch Series 5 will come with watchOS 6 pre-installed. watchOS 6 features a raft of new features, including an on-device app store for the first time, an app that measures ambient noise levels to protect your hearing, and long-term Activity trends.

This software update was demonstrated on 3 June and is currently available as a beta for developers. The final public version of the software will be released to coincide with the launch of the Series 5 in late September.

That’s not the end of the story, however. Even the Apple Watch Series 1 from 2016 can install watchOS 6, so it’s reasonable to expect three or more years of software support.


Is the Apple Watch Series 5 still worth it? ›

However, those who own an Apple Watch already, especially the Series 4, are unlikely to find anything compelling enough with the Series 5 to justify an upgrade. Although if you're coming from a Series 3 or older, it might be worth upgrading to the Apple Watch 5 as the always-on display is quite a game-changer.

What is so special about Apple Watch Series 5? ›

Apple Watch Series 5 is available in a wider range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and an all-new titanium. Combined with the power of watchOS 6, users are empowered to take charge of their health and fitness with new features like Cycle Tracking, the Noise app and Activity Trends.

How old is the Apple Watch Series 5? ›

The Apple Watch Series 5 was released in fall 2019 and dominated the smartwatch sector during its one-year run before Apple Watch Series 6 replaced it.

Why dont they sell Apple Watch Series 5 anymore? ›

No they are discontinued to make way for the new models,and the 3 is the budget watch. The manufacturing lines for the Series 6 is mostly the same kind of equipment needed for the Series 4 and 5.

How much should I pay for Apple Watch Series 5? ›

How much does a Watch Series 5 44mm cost? Watch Series 5 44mm prices start at $113 and cost $186 on average as of November 2022.

How long does an Apple Watch Series 5 last? ›

Apple Watch is so capable you'll want to wear it all day long. So we made sure we gave it a battery that lasts all day, too. Our goal for battery life is 18 hours after an overnight charge, factoring in things like checking the time, receiving notifications, using apps, and doing a 60-minute workout.

Does Apple Watch Series 5 have a camera? ›

No, the device does not have a camera. However, there is a Camera app on the device. You can set your iPhone's camera timer for a photo using the app on your Watch.

Can Apple Watch Series 5 make phone calls? ›

If your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular

With a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, your Apple Watch can do the following things, even if your iPhone isn't with you. Make and answer phone calls. Send and receive messages. Use Siri to get directions, send iMessages, and more.

What generation is a series 5 Apple Watch? ›

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a line of 5th generation smartwatches that was developed and produced by Apple Inc. The watch was released on September 10, 2019, alongside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro at Apple's annual September event in the Steve Jobs Theater. It is the successor to the Apple Watch Series 4.

Is the Apple Watch 5 waterproof? ›

Your Apple Watch is water resistant, but not waterproof. For example, you can wear and use your Apple Watch during activities such as exercise (exposure to sweat is OK), walking in rain, and washing your hands.

Is Apple Watch 5 or 6 better? ›

When it first came out, the Apple Watch Series 5 was an excellent wearable with an always-on display, fall detection and a built-in compass. Now, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers all that and then some. It has SpO2 monitoring, a brighter display and new S6 chip for faster performance.

What Apple watches are outdated? ›

All the Apple Watch models being discontinued
  • Apple Watch Series 3, released in 2017.
  • Apple Watch SE (1st generation), released in 2020.
  • Apple Watch Series 7, released in 2021.
12 Sept 2022

What does Apple Watch Series 5 do that 4 does not? ›

The differences between the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 can really be broken down into four major areas: the new always-on display, a built-in compass, battery life, and new ceramic and titanium material options.

How much better is Apple Watch 5 than 3? ›

With both watches you get an optical heart sensor, GPS, NFC, wireless chip, altimeter, emergency SOS, speaker, Wi-Fi, LTE, and water resistance up to 50 meters. The Series 5 watch adds a compass, ECG sensor, and a better heart sensor, but for the most part, you'll be doing the same stuff with both watches.

How far can Apple Watch 5 be from iPhone? ›

What to Know. Bluetooth on the Apple Watch has a maximum range of 100 meters/330 feet, though the range may be shorter in practice. If the paired iPhone is connected to a known Wi-Fi network, the Apple Watch and iPhone can communicate over Wi-Fi.

Can Apple Watch last for 10 years? ›

While the device might keep working and can still be paired to an iPhone, a lack of updates makes it a security risk. That means the end of life should really be thought of as three to four years, even if the Apple Watch is in perfect condition.

Can I leave my phone at home and use Apple Watch? ›

With Apple Watch with cellular and an activated cellular plan, you can stay connected even when away from your iPhone. For all other models of Apple Watch, there are still things you can do even when you are away from your iPhone and not connected to Wi-Fi.

Does Apple Watch 5 call 911 if you fall? ›

If Apple Watch detects a hard fall and that you have been immobile for about a minute, it will tap your wrist, sound an alarm, and then attempt to call emergency services.

Can you send a text from Apple Watch? ›

In the Messages app on your Apple Watch Ultra, you can compose and send messages that contain not only text, but also images, emoji, Memoji stickers, and audio clips.

Can you text on a Series 5 Apple Watch? ›

You can read, respond to, and send new text messages directly on your Apple Watch. Message response options on an Apple Watch include dictation, emojis, and preset replies. You can check messages as they come in on your Apple Watch by simply raising your wrist when you feel a tap.

Do I need a separate cellular plan for Apple Watch 5? ›

Any calls or data-related services are routed either via the paired iPhone or via a direct connection between the watch and a compatible Wi-Fi network (when the watch cannot connect to the paired iPhone via Bluetooth). A separate cellular plan for the Apple Watch is not required.

Will Apple Watch ever have FaceTime? ›

You can also use Siri to place a ‌FaceTime‌ call on your Apple Watch. Simply press and hold the Digital Crown, raise your wrist to your mouth, and say "‌FaceTime‌ [contact's name]."

Does Apple Watch Series 5 play music? ›

If you're connected to Wi-Fi or cellular on your Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you can stream Apple Music and Apple Podcasts even when you're away from your iPhone. You can also sync music and podcasts from your iPhone to your watch.

Does Apple Watch Series 5 have Safari? ›

Even though there is no visible browser on Apple Watch, if you receive a link in Messages or Mail, you can tap to open it and use a watchOS version of Safari to browse the web.

What apps are available for Apple Watch 5? ›

Apps on Apple Watch
App nameFor more information
Compass (Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 5 and later only)See Use the Compass app on Apple Watch.
ContactsSee See contacts on your Apple Watch.
Cycle TrackingSee Use Cycle Tracking on Apple Watch.
ECGSee Record an electrocardiogram with the ECG app on Apple Watch.
41 more rows

What year is Apple Series 5? ›

Fifth generation (Series 5 & SE (1st gen))

The Apple Watch Series 5 was announced on September 10, 2019. Its principal improvements over its predecessor were the addition of a compass and an always-on display with a low-power display driver capable of refresh rates as low as once per second.

What series Apple Watch is best? ›

The Best Apple Watch

The latest Series 8 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the best watch for most Apple users, especially people who menstruate or want to track their fertility. The wrist-based temperature sensing feature tracked my skin temperature dropping steadily as I recovered from Covid-19.

Is Apple Watch 4 or 5 better? ›

Overall winner: Apple Watch Series 5

Naturally, the Apple Watch Series 5 is better than the Apple Watch Series 4, but it's still a minor upgrade. There's the always-on display, more storage, the compass, and a couple of extra-expensive options for the body exterior.

How long can the Series 5 Apple Watch stay underwater? ›

Compare the Apple Watch Series
Series 3Waterproof up to 50m
Series 4Waterproof up to 50m
Series 5Waterproof up to 50m
Series 6Waterproof up to 50m
4 more rows
23 Aug 2022

Can I wear Apple Watch in shower? ›

"Showering with Apple Watch Series 2 and newer is ok, but we recommend not exposing Apple Watch to soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and perfumes as they can negatively affect water seals and acoustic membranes.

Does Apple Watch 5 have hard fall? ›

Here's how it works. If Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 or later detects a hard fall while you're wearing your watch, it taps you on the wrist, sounds an alarm, and displays an alert.

Should I upgrade from Apple Watch 5 to 6? ›

For users who already have an Apple Watch Series 5, the Series 6 probably does not offer enough to warrant upgrading unless you regularly update your watch hardware every year or you particularly want the blood oxygen monitoring feature.

Should I upgrade from Apple Watch 5 to 7? ›

If your Apple Watch 5 is about two years old, you might be considering an upgrade to the Series 7. With the Series 7, you'll get a brighter, bigger display and SpO2 monitoring, as well as Apple's U1 ultra wideband chip for better connectivity within the company's product ecosystem.

Is there any size difference between Apple Watch 5 and 6? ›

Design and build

Both come with Always-On LTPO OLED displays offering 448 x 368 resolutions, although Apple claims that the Series 6 is 2.5x brighter than its predecessor. The chassis dimensions and design are the same, with a rectangular shape augmented by the digital crown and Home button on the right-hand side.

Is it worth buying an old Apple Watch? ›

If you're looking for a second-hand Apple Watch, you'll probably be able to find a lot of great used Apple Watch deals across the web. But we actually don't advise getting one of these used, since you can't really know if the product has any defects or if it has been damaged by the previous owner.

Are old Apple Watches still good? ›

Although I try to have all the latest gear, I can say that it's still OK to wear an Apple Watch Series 3 in 2022. A notification or an app may take an extra second to display, yes, but even after five years, I honestly think the battery on Apple Watch Series 3 is years ahead of the Apple Watch Series 7.

How many years should an Apple Watch last? ›

An Apple Watch will last about three years before its performance noticeably declines and the battery needs to be replaced. At five years, most users will want to upgrade their Apple Watch regardless of whether it still runs.

Is the Apple Watch Series 5 worth it? ›

It might be living in the shadows of the latest and greatest Series 6, but the series 5 is still an amazing smartwatch compared to what else is on the market right now, and worth a purchase if you can get your hands on one.

Is Apple Watch series five good? ›

The Apple Watch Series 5 has been eclipsed by the Series 6, but it's still packed with useful features and was once the best smartwatch you could buy.

Which is better Apple Watch 5 or SE? ›

So, what's the best choice between the two? For most people, the Apple Watch SE is likely the better purchase. It's affordable, has all of the core Apple Watch features, and is still readily sold/supported by Apple.

Does Apple Watch 5 Always stay on? ›

Apple Watch Series 5 and later can display the time and other glanceable information, even when your wrist is down. Always On is turned on by default on Apple Watch Series 5 and later, including Apple Watch Ultra.

Which is better Apple Watch Series 5 or 7? ›

One of the main reasons to switch to the Series 7 is the large display. A larger display means you can see things clearly, ranging from notifications to messages received. The brighter always-on display also gives strong reasons to switch to the new Apple Watch.

Is the Apple Watch Series 4 still good in 2022? ›

It provides haptic feedback when used, unlike the older models. The Apple Watch Series 4 is definitely still worth buying in 2022 since you can upgrade to watchOS 8.

What is the best Apple Watch version to buy? ›

We picked the Apple Watch Series 8 as the best overall for its 36-hour battery life, satellite SOS feature, and robust health tracking, but here's how it compares to other Apple Watches.

Is Apple Watch 5 waterproof? ›

Your Apple Watch is water resistant, but not waterproof. For example, you can wear and use your Apple Watch during activities such as exercise (exposure to sweat is OK), walking in rain, and washing your hands.

What is the latest version of Apple Watch Series 5? ›

Apple Watch Series 5 Software Update
  • watchOS 9.1. Release date: 10/24/2022. What's changing: watchOS 9.1 is now available from Apple. ...
  • watchOS 9.0. Release date: 10/10/2022. What's changing: watchOS 9.0. ...
  • watchOS 9. Release date: 9/12/2022. What's changing: watchOS 9 is now available from Apple.

What is difference between Apple Watch 5 and 8? ›

Apple Watch Series 8 vs.

In addition to the Series 8's new temperature sensor and car crash detection, you're also getting an always-on display, faster charging, a larger screen with a QWERTY keyboard, the ability to take an ECG from your wrist, blood oxygen saturation measurements, and a compass.

Are old Apple watches still good? ›

Although I try to have all the latest gear, I can say that it's still OK to wear an Apple Watch Series 3 in 2022. A notification or an app may take an extra second to display, yes, but even after five years, I honestly think the battery on Apple Watch Series 3 is years ahead of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Which is better Apple Watch Series 5 or 4? ›

Overall winner: Apple Watch Series 5

Naturally, the Apple Watch Series 5 is better than the Apple Watch Series 4, but it's still a minor upgrade. There's the always-on display, more storage, the compass, and a couple of extra-expensive options for the body exterior.

Which Apple Watch is best for ladies? ›

Apple Watch SE (40mm GPS+Cellular)

It comes with a cellular option as well, offering the best connectivity. If you want the best-looking watch on a budget, this is it. So the Watch SE remains to be our first choice for the best Apple smartwatches for women.


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