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There are so many beginners and experienced programmers who actually have no idea about enormous career opportunities available in software development or as a programmer. Every day a new technology is coming or something new is introducing to make our life much better and easier. Many programmers and developers work hard in their own role to introduce a new application or software in the market. Technology is vast and the demand of software developers and programmers is also high in the market. There are so many options available to choose as a career path in software development. We can’t say one field is better or the other one is best. Sometimes people get confused when they hear about a specific field in software development and the job role involves in that. They have questions like “Is that person is a real software developer or an engineer?“. The reality is each role have a different challenge and it depends on a candidate what kind of challenge he/she would like to accept. We will discuss all the career paths available in software development and the job role as well.

Career Paths For Software Developers and Programmers in 2019 - GeeksforGeeks (1)

Front-End Developers:

These kinds of software engineers are specialized in the code that runs in the web browser. These developers are good in creating a user interface of the website or they do some designing work. They work on the front end part using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other front end technologies and frameworks. So basically UI/UX designers come in this category. If you are good in creating beautiful responsive websites then definitely a lot of options are available for designers as a freelancer or working for some companies.

Mobile Engineers:

Every day a new application is coming out to use on our phone. Mobile engineers or developers make these apps like Snapchat, voice recorder, music player, etc. Mobile developers also work very closely with designers and they take care of every single little pixel. They are specialized across different platforms like Android or iOS.

Game Developers:

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These developers write the code for games that we love to play across different platforms. Most of the game developers are specialize in different gaming frameworks or game engine like Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Corona SDK, SpritKit, etc. Different gaming frameworks let you create different games on different platforms. If you love to play games, crazy for drawing or 3D graphics type of programming and love to use graphics or animation then this field is best for you.

Back-end Developers:

All the development which is done behind the scenes categorized under back-end development. These developers write the code for server-side development. They focus on manipulating database, different kind of APIs, the architecture of a system, scripting, etc. Their work gives powers to the web page or mobile applications. In order to become a back-end developer, you should have a good logical, analytical and problem-solving skill, also a server-side programming language to use in your code. They deal with highly complex problems and give solutions for that.

Application Developers:

Application developers create any kind of software which is developed to be used by consumers or a person. Application developers can create internal tools to be used by big enterprises or companies or desktop programs that we use every day like powerpoint, keynotes, word processor, spreadsheet, etc. Applications developer mostly use languages such as Java, C++ or Oracle to develop the applications.

Tools and Enterprise Software Developers:

These software developers do not create software which is commercially published or sold. Their job role involves creating tools which are used within an organization. These tools help the organization or other team members to make their job easy and fast. Enterprise developers need to have a deep understanding of the organization, their requirements, and everything.


Data Scientist:

This is the super trendy and hottest job nowadays among engineers and developers. It’s populated recently and demand of data scientist is high in the market in comparison of other jobs. It’s a huge and fast-growing area. Data scientists are highly paid but you need to be master in Machine Learning. Coming to the point of job responsibility involved in this field, so data scientist look through the data and come up with some patterns or trends. They also look through the data analytics problem and apply some algorithm or write programs to give some solution to the organization. Their job role also involves storing, manipulating or organizing the large or big amount of data. If you want to go to this field you need to be good in machine learning, mathematics or statistics. Python and R these two programming languages data scientists use widely in their job role. Every business involves a huge amount of data, so definitely demand of data scientists is increasing day by day in industries.


Most of the time QA/Test engineers are underrated engineers, but they are also important when it comes to testing software or finding a bug before launching the product in the market. These engineers develop software that tests other code. Most of the beginners don’t know how to test their code so we need to understand the importance of QA engineers in an organization especially in these such kinds of situations. QA engineers build tools for testing and they also write automated tests to execute and verify the functionality and give us the result of software or product. If you love to enjoy all these stuff then go for that.

Algorithms/Science Software Development:

This field involves a lot of research and Ph.D. or at least a master degree. Their job role involves reading a lot of papers, doing research every day to turn academic concepts and theories into real-life solutions. They come up with new algorithms or optimize an existing one. A good example is to think of a person who wrote google maps to go from one place to another in the shortest time possible. These computer researchers or scientists are generally employed by universities, banks or big companies like Microsoft or Google. It involves highly quantitative problem-solving skill also a lot of optimization, fine-tuning, quantum computing and in-depth research. To understand this field in a better way you can check these links Microsoft Research, Google Brain, Open AI, Facebook Research.

Embedded System Developers:

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These programmers write very low-level code that powers the system. Most of the people do not consider this one as the coolest job but think of a refrigerator, printer, oven or toaster kind of electronics items which also require a programmers brain to develop its functionality and make your life easier. The code involves here potentially runs before the operating system even loads. These developers work on the real-time operating system and they write the code that actual hardware needs to function properly. They work closely with hardware engineers because they are the one who writes the device drivers. You need to have a good understanding of hardware and software aspects, also knowledge of low level and high levels languages such as Java, XML, Perl, Python, Shell Scripting, C/C++, assembler and others. Qualcomm, Intel, Tata Elxsi, HCL Technologies these all companies hire embedded software engineers.

Linux Kernel and OS Developers:

We need an operating system to run any type of program on our computers. These developers develop the operating software on which all our programs and processes run on. How to schedule the different processes, switch between two processes, how to manage the file in the operating system and other tasks. Entry-level in this area is pretty and much more complicated.

DevOps Engineer:

These engineers are kind of network or system administrator. Their job role is to handle the whole infrastructure and all the engineering needs behind any company like what type of computers do we need, how to fix the security bug, how to back up the database every day. They also manage a lot of engineering workflow and processes to make other developers work easier and they take care of frequent changes in code version as well. Companies hire these engineers when the system is too big and they need someone to manage and take the system responsibility completely. If you are good in Linux fundamentals, with a firm knowledge of any scripting language like Python, Ruby, Perl then you can go in this field but in their job role, they rarely write code from scratch. They have an understanding of tools and technologies like source control (Git, Bitbucket, SVN), infrastructure automation (Puppet, Chef), Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). They take care of the security issue and also perform testing.

Full Stack Developers:

This is a common term used by the companies to hire developers who can work on both front-end and back-end technology or web frameworks. It definitely involves both of the skill set of front-end and back-end. They deal with databases, servers, front-end part and a lot of things to build a complete product. Basically, you should have good knowledge of all kind of software engineering to build a product. They are good in a variety of skill set. Most of the companies hire developers who can have a different skill set to work on a product.

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Language/Compiler Developers:

We use different languages to create applications but if we talk about who created these actual languages, these people are language/compiler developers. Someone created C or C++ or someone used C++ to create Python, so there are tons of languages and multiple ways to implement one language. We use Python or Ruby but engineers who created these languages really study fundamentals and organization of how computer language is actually structured. Compiler developers also write the code for the implementation of the compiler which converts these code to machine language so that a computer can understand.

Cloud Developers:

This is also a fairly new term which is in the market. Today most of the applications are on the cloud so these engineers job role involves planning, designing, managing and implementing applications on the cloud. They are responsible for the whole cloud infrastructure of a company, it’s maintenance and implementation. A skill set which is required here is generally degree in computer science and some cloud system certification will also work. You should have knowledge about Linux, database, cloud platforms. AWS(Amazon Web Service), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba these are some examples of cloud platforms.

Now here is an important point that we need to discuss whatever field you choose in your software development career you will be categorized as an employee working for a company or a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Now it depends on someone’s skill set, interest and future growth where they want to give a kick start. At some point most of the companies say “No code anymore” and after years of experience you might have to move in a management role but some of the big companies like Microsoft, Google, HP, Apple hire best technical people to create special technical tracks for a product. Again I will suggest that the choice is yours’s to choose a career path considering all these facts, role, interest and definitely growth in the future.

All the Best!!!!

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What is the path of software developer? ›

You can become a software engineer by having a bachelor's degree in software engineering or information technology. You should also have a good knowledge of software development and important programming languages like Python, JAVA and C++. Developing soft skills is necessary for growth at management level.

What career pathways can you take with programming? ›

Some of the most popular coding-related positions available are:
  • Computer Programmer.
  • Web Developer.
  • Mobile App Developer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Game Developer.
  • Junior Developer.
  • Senior Developer.
  • Lead Architect.

How can I develop my career as a software developer? ›

9 tips for getting a job as a software developer
  1. Learn a programming language. ...
  2. Figure out your end goals. ...
  3. Pursue a degree or take courses. ...
  4. Start practicing in your developer niche. ...
  5. Make a portfolio of your software development work. ...
  6. Develop your technical skills. ...
  7. Build your non-technical skills. ...
  8. Certify your skills.
Aug 10, 2022

What are at least three careers which are in the programming and software development pathway? ›

Sample Occupations
  • Computer Programmers.
  • Computer Systems Analysts.
  • Health Informatics Specialists.
  • Software Developers.
  • Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers.

What is career path? ›

A career path is a smaller group of jobs within a career cluster that use similar skills. Each career cluster contains several career paths. You can start in a lower-lever job in a career path and, with more education and experience, move up within that path.

What is the highest position for a software developer? ›

Chief technology officer (CTO) is the highest executive position within the technology or engineering department of a company. This person often has a bachelor's or master's degree in software engineering or computer programming.

What is the best programming career? ›

12 High-Paying Coding Jobs for Programming Professionals
Job TitleAverage Salary*Programming Languages
Systems Engineer$81,107C, C++, Java
Full Stack Developer$79,521Python, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Front End Developer$76,512JavaScript, HTML, CSS
UI/UX Designer$75,373Python, Ruby, JavaScript
8 more rows
Mar 31, 2022

Is programming a good career path? ›

In a world that runs on technology, programming skills offer excellent career options, from software engineering to front-end development. Computer programming is also one of the most flexible careers; it offers many specialization opportunities, the ability to work remotely, and more.

Which programming language is best for career? ›

CyberCoders, one of the country's leading IT recruiting firms, compiled data to determine the five most sought-after coding language skills for job seekers.
  • Java. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use, so it's no surprise it came in as the No. ...
  • SQL. ...
  • Javascript. ...
  • C++ ...
  • Python. ...
  • Get your career up to code.

What skills do software developers need? ›

Key skills for software developers
  • Mathematical aptitude.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Programming languages (different types of developer role require different languages)
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

What degree do you need to be a software developer? ›

What qualifications do you need to become a software developer? Software developers typically need a bachelor's degree in software engineering, computer science, or a similar field. Some of the senior-level roles may necessitate a master's degree.

What are the advancement opportunities for a software engineer? ›

Computer applications software engineers can advance in their career after gaining enough experience. Advancements can include becoming a project manager, chief information officer or manager of information systems. They can also work as systems designers or independent consultants.

What is the hardest programming language? ›

C++ C++ is considered to be one of the most powerful, fastest, and toughest programming languages.

What are your long term career objectives for software engineer? ›

Here are some examples of technical career goals for software engineers: Become an expert in programming languages JavaScript and Python. Strengthen data management skills by working with DBMS systems. Work on a system that has 3 million data requests per minute to enhance data management experience.

Why have a career in software engineering? ›

It is not uncommon to choose your career based on availability and salary offering, and when it comes to Software Engineering, you won't be disappointed in those respects; Software Development is a booming industry and offers a career path with endless progression, opportunities and, depending on how good you are, ...

What are the 6 career paths? ›

Within these paths are broad groups of occupations and industries, known as Career Clusters.
All jobs are divided into six different Career Paths:
  • Arts & Communication.
  • Business Management & Technology.
  • Industrial & Engineering Technology.
  • Health Services.
  • Human Services.
  • Natural Resources Agriculture.
Apr 6, 2021

What are the 4 Career Pathways? ›

There are four types of career paths—knowledge-based, skill-based, entrepreneur-based, and freelance. Every kind of career path caters to a specific set of qualifications that help you perform your job.

What are the five stages of career development? ›

The model in this paper describes five processes criti- cal to effective career planning: initiation, exploration, decision-making, preparation, and implementation (Magnusson, 1991, 1992). The processes are cyclical, al- though a few clients may begin at initiation and proceed sequentially through to implementation.

What type of developers are most in demand? ›

Tech jobs: These are the 10 most in-demand developer, cybersecurity and cloud roles
  • Data scientist. ...
  • Machine-learning engineer. ...
  • Java developer. ...
  • Data engineer. ...
  • Cloud engineer. ...
  • Backend engineer. ...
  • Salesforce engineer. ...
  • Automation engineer.
Jun 23, 2022

Who is the highest paid developer? ›

Full-stack developers who can develop for the cloud and work with Redis or React are the best-paid in their field, earning an average of $105,000.

What is a Level 5 Software Engineer? ›

The Level 5 Diploma in Software Engineering is for learners who work in, or who want to work in the business and professional Software Engineering sector. It gives learners the opportunity to: Develop knowledge related to Software Engineering, the roles and responsibilities of an Engineering.

What type of developers are most in demand 2022? ›

JavaScript developer is one of the most in-demand IT jobs in 2022. For roles like DevOps and Data scientist, demand is high due to a lack of candidates.

What type of programming is in demand? ›

According to Stack Overflow's 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript currently stands as the most commonly-used language in the world (69.7%), followed by HTML/CSS (62.4%), SQL (56.9%), Python (41.6%) and Java (38.4%). It is also the most sought-out programming language by hiring managers in the Americas (PDF, 2.4 MB).

How do I choose a program path? ›

Choosing the ideal path in the software industry involves considering the following:
  1. Knowing what it takes to get there (learning curve, tech stack or languages)
  2. Median salary.
  3. Work environment.
  4. And finally, your own personal strengths.

What is the future of programming? ›

The job growth rate for the profession is expected to rise by 24 percent — more than three times as fast as the average for all occupations — between 2016 and 2026. That's 302,500 jobs that are expected to open up for software developers across the country.

Is programming a future career? ›

According to the Labour Market Information Portal, there is a 23.5% projected job growth for programmers. Gaining coding skills is a real boost to any career, so here are 10 great reasons why coding is still the most important job skill of the future.

Are software programmers in demand? ›

The demand for software engineers has been on the rise for quite some time now, and shows no sign of stopping. Software developer employment is projected to grow 21% by 2028, which is faster than the average projected rate of growth for all occupations (5%).

Which language has bright future? ›

No doubt that java would have an amazing future, as it is a future-oriented programming language for years. Secondly, Java has brought many new concepts in which the most significant one is the security of applications and programs. So, in the upcoming years, business organizations find Java applications more secure.

Which is the fastest programming language? ›

Fortran. Fortran is a general-purpose language used for scientific calculations. It is known for its high performance and is used in ranking the fastest supercomputers. Fortran is widely used for numerical programming since it is faster.

Which programming language is best in 2022? ›

Below is a list of the most popular programming languages that will be in demand in 2022.
  1. Javascript. JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. ...
  2. Python. ...
  3. Go. ...
  4. Java. ...
  5. Kotlin. ...
  6. PHP. ...
  7. C# ...
  8. Swift.
Aug 30, 2022

What degree do you need to be a software developer? ›

What qualifications do you need to become a software developer? Software developers typically need a bachelor's degree in software engineering, computer science, or a similar field. Some of the senior-level roles may necessitate a master's degree.

What is next step after software engineer? ›

You are currently a senior developer or software engineer, and the junior developers are lurking behind you. Beware of job titles, but consider job descriptions carefully. The next step could be becoming lead developer or a tech architect. At the upper levels there are directorships, and then Chief Technical Officers.

What skills do software developers need? ›

Key skills for software developers
  • Mathematical aptitude.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Programming languages (different types of developer role require different languages)
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

Which software field is best? ›

Best Software Development Courses
  • Mobile App Development. ...
  • Web Programming/Web Design. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence. ...
  • Data Analytics. ...
  • DevOps. ...
  • UI/UX Development. ...
  • Database Administration (DBA) ...
  • Cyber Security.


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